Affilae France
Affilae France

Fair Trade Affiliate Network

Affilae is a white-labeled SaaS performance marketing solution which allows advertisers, agencies, networks, and media buyers to directly control, manage and track their online affiliate programs and networks of publishers/affiliates, to maximize their ROI. (CPA, CPS, CPC, CPL)

Key Features:

  • Fixed monthly fees and no platform commissions
  • Direct SEO friendly affiliate links
  • Unique Anti-Fraud technology (eg. permanent solution to “cookie-stuffing”)
  • Unique fully customizable weight-based payouts split between publishers
  • External multi-channel tracking of conversion funnel for accurate commission attribution
  • Fully White-labeled and customizable interface
  • Indexed product catalogues with API access and embeddable widgets
  • Real time reporting, analytics, metrics, statistics, notifications, alerts and messaging
  • Two-way API for custom solutions and middleware integration for any third party system
  • Fully SSL encrypted and secured domain communications
  • Full technical support (email, chat, phone) and online documentation
  • Fully managed software backups and core updates
  • Scalable international cloud based SaaS infrastructure

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