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What is Barnaby ?

Barnaby is the first European mobile payment app for bars. Established in France and Belgium since 2015, the app connects people with the must seen local bars, and allow a total cashless experience for both parties.

For customers: Barnaby selects for you the best bars in town, depending on where you are and what you want. Once in the bar, there is no need for any cash, or credit card, … in other words: leave your wallet at home and your phone in the pocket and make the experience last longer. Barnaby takes care of the bill, just say if you prefer to share with your friends or treat them.

For bars: Barnaby has innovated by providing bars with a strong database. Having access to a complete back office, bars can consolidate their data in order to improve their CRM.
In addition, Barnaby helps avoiding unpaid bills problems and leads to increase their bottom line.

Finally: Answering today’s needs, anticipating tomorrow’s trends and attitude, Barnaby aims at facilitating the bar experiences through an ergonomic app for each party. In order to do so, Barnaby gets support from a reliable secured payment partner, and has consolidated a dynamic and professional team aspiring to deliver the best service quality to its users and clients.

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