Expert in queue management

ESII provides a full complement of technology and services to meet the increasingly sophisticated needs in customer flow process management markets.

ESII is dedicated to providing high performance solutions in queue management, appointments management, mobile applications, goods collection, electronic call forward, display and digital signage, interactive kiosks to improve waiting conditions profitability.

Our modular solutions are tailored to different sectors: Retail, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Finance, Transportation, Public Sector.

Headquartered in Lavérune, near Montpellier, France, ESII operates worldwide in 49 countries through its distribution network, with an additional Paris Region office in Créteil, and a Western Region office in Vitré.

ESII is widely recognized as the industry’s leader to optimize customer flow process management with more than 10 000 installed sites. 30% of our revenue is done worldwide.

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ESII, eSirius™, eGestat™, eTurn™, eTrack™, eWelcome™, NeoPlayer™, Cameo™, Diseo™, Twana™, eZQ™, SmartWait™ are trademarks of ESII.

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