Lumki is a marketing automation and customer data management solution.

The service is based on a mobile application for consumers allowing them to access cashback offers within a network of partner brands.

Offers are customized and optimized through proprietary algorithms to provide a great user experience while maximizing retailers' ROI.

After enrolling more than 1000 online stores (top-tier) the service is now available in physical stores, allowing retailers to access the full suite of advanced marketing automation tools with a drive-to-store objective.

The solution also allows asset managers (shopping centers for example) to generate, collect and analyze data on purchases and customer paths within the same asset. In order to increase footfall, optimize the tenant mix, manage drive-to-asset campaigns, and more generally maximize the key KPIs of an asset.

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Surprise proposera sa solution gratuitement à tous les commerçants pendant une durée d’un an à partir du 6 avril 2020.